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If a tree falls in a forest...

Out in the city you’re not alone,
out in the wild you’re not alone,
you can’t enjoy the sunset on the beach
or play sudoku on your own because

your day is never empty,
your plate is always full,
full of eyes staring straight at you,
full of lies trying to convince you

that what you do everyone knows,
that what you say doesn’t matter
you’ve underestimated touch
your social life’s a latch and

you throw parties to take pictures
or to talk about tomorrow,
go smile to the camera
and share your hidden sorrow.

Emptiness is dead, your brain is full of nonsense
and overflowed by demands and expectations:
Likes, hearts, faves, snaps — 
SNAP the fuck out of it or you’ll be gone.

There’s nothing to expect
when you’re building on demands,
demands that are unreachable;
unreachable is what doesn’t exist.

A prison is a place you can’t get out of
unless you’re smart enough to fool the guards,
but how hard is it to break out when
the guard is your own mind.

I’ll tell you all night long
that what you’re doing has no value,
that it’s not worth it if you’re trapped,
still I know that you won’t listen.

Do one thing without telling the world,
do one thing without sharing it,
do that exercise once and you’ll see
that there’s enjoyment in enjoying.

If a tree falls in a forest and nobody’s
around to hear it, does it make a sound?

English, PoesíaPablo González Day