— Diseñador gráfico argentino.


In this loneliness of mine

My craving is a strong illusion
Your touch and body are divine
I walk the line of sweet delusion
Though it’s a lie, I blame the wine

I blame you too, you are enticing
Your beauty will forever shine
I look at you, you are inviting
In this loneliness of mine

Every gentle touch is wrecking
Like an earthquake I can’t define
Every quiet whisper deafening
Without your voice life I’ll decline

I’ve felt your gasping body
That sweetness I can’t resign
Felt every hill and valley
In this loneliness of mine

I know my words don’t even matter
You’ll never listen and that’s fine
Cause when I face you I still stutter
Thoughts and words I can’t align

Straight into my eyes you say
That your intentions are benign
Still it hurts deeper every day
In this loneliness of mine

Inspired by and dedicated to Leonard Cohen