— Diseñador gráfico argentino.



Their time is ever less
But their wisdom timeless;
They may bore you or excite you
But they'll bare your pain and love you

They won’t be there for long
But their teachings will stay strong,
So each second you should cherish:
You know they'll someday perish

You wish they're time was longer,
But maybe you should ponder
On the time that you'd been given,
Think of that and all’s forgiven

Then you'll sob and want to hold them
And almost regret you got to know them,
But hopefully you've learned:
Don't forget the wisdom earned

The pain suffered will help you grow
Their loss is nothing but a tasteless blow;
If you're lucky you'll be as sad again
And in that sadness maybe learn

That the time you get will perish
So in their honor you should cherish
For all the times you lost a day,
For all the times you thought: “Stay